The Catholic Bible Has The Answer!

Are we in the “end of days?” Is this the tribulation, and do we even know what the tribulation is all about? Are the horrible things that the Bible associates with the end of days coming upon us? Is there any hope of escape?

While there are many opinions on the topic of the apocalypse, this book doesn’t merely give an opinion. The Bible is the greatest source of information on the end times, which many people call "the apocalypse." The subtitle on this book, "The Catholic Bible Has the Answer” is intentional, as the Bible does in fact have the answer!

The Catholic Church is the largest Christian demographic in the United States. While Protestants presently outnumber Catholics in America, nearly 25% of the population still identifies as Catholic. Here is the bottom line: Most Catholics have never heard a sermon at Mass, attended a lecture, or picked up a book on what the Catholic Bible has to say about the end times. This is unfortunate, and as a result, many are relying on information from other sources.

The return of Jesus is the greatest promise yet to be fulfilled in the Bible. This book uncovers what many have only understood to be hidden mysteries of end-time biblical prophecies. It is a definitive and prophetic look at the coming kingdom of Christ, and the fate of all humanity. 

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