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About this charity

Celebrate Seniors is the senior resident ministry of Faith Dialogue, a non-denominational evangelical church and 501(c)3 charity.  Faith Dialogue's mission is to equip the Body of Christ, promote the unity of the Church, minister to the older generation, encourage pastors and strengthen churches. 

Celebrate Seniors embraces the older generation, restores dignity, promotes a healthy spiritual life, provides spiritual growth opportunities and ministers as well to the families of these senior adults.  Celebrate Seniors through our amazing and dedicated volunteers, serves the residents of Windsor at Celebration.  The ministry provides two weekly Sunday services, monthly communion celebrations, weekly Bible Studies and devotionals, and coordinates a spiritual connection to the churches in the Orlando area.

Pastor Ken Behr is teaching through the New Testament and in the New Year will be teaching in the Epistle of James.  On Wednesdays the two Bible studies are focused on the Parables of Jesus.    Archived Video's and Podcasts are available as well on this website, just click on 'Sermons' or 'Audio' 


Ken Behr & his wife Carol have been married for over 30 years and have two children and five grandchildren.  He has a Master's (Th.M) and Doctoral (Th.D) degree in Pastoral Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary and is ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance.

He has served as a Pastor and Executive Director for over 17 years after a successful career at Ford Motor Company. 

Prior to coming to Faith Dialogue in Celebration Florida, Ken was an Executive Pastor and Senior Director of Ministry Operations at Christ Fellowship Church and lived in Palm Beach Gardens, FL for seven years.

A gifted speaker and teacher with a large following on YouTube and Google Podcasts, Ken prefers to spend more time one-on-one with the people of Windsor at Celebration and serves as both the Pastor of the church as well as Chaplain to all the residents, regardless of their faith tradition and practices.