The return of Jesus is the greatest promise yet to be fulfilled in the Bible. This book uncovers what many have only understood to be hidden mysteries of end-time biblical prophecies. It is a definitive and prophetic look at the coming kingdom of Christ, and the fate of all humanity.

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As a culture, we are barraged and immersed with images and thoughts of our collective end, and the end of all time. We tend to have a human fascination with the big question of “How’s it all going to end?”

Nearly every day, it is common to see, read, or hear something in the news or on a social media platform about the “end of the world,” the “Apocalypse,” or “End Times.” It seems that everyone has a specific theory or opinion of how these days will unfold. Yet, when we consider the prophecy regarding what the Bible refers to eighty-eight times as “The Day of the Lord,” (a.k.a. Armageddon), we need to remember to get all our answers from the only authoritative source, The Holy Bible. We also need to remember the importance of what “The Day of the Lord” signifies: The second coming of Jesus Christ.

Author and pastor Kenneth A. Behr’s The Apocalypse and Coming Kingdom zeroes in on and breaks down biblical prophecy as it relates to Jesus’s upcoming return, and the coming seven-year period, including the Great Tribulation. Having taught biblical prophecy for nearly thirty years, Behr’s close study and expertise highlight a method and style that offer clear communication and inspiration.

Available in Paperback, Kindle Version, and soon on Audible!