St Silvanus Catholic Press

St. Silvanus Catholic Press stands as a beacon of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment for Catholic readers, boasting remarkable publications that have garnered widespread acclaim since 2015. All publications captivate readers with their meticulous research and captivating narrative, unveiling the rich tapestry of the Catholic Church. St. Silvanus Catholic Press is committed to fostering a deeper understanding of shared history among Christians, resonating profoundly with readers seeking to enrich their faith journey.

In 2023, the press released "A Coming Apocalypse? The Catholic Bible has the Answer," a groundbreaking work that transcends mere speculation on eschatological matters. With a steadfast focus on the authoritative teachings of the Catholic Bible, the book provides clarity amidst the myriad interpretations of the apocalypse. Its deliberate subtitle underscores the confidence in the Bible as the ultimate guide, assuring readers that within its sacred pages lie the answers to profound existential questions. This recent publication exemplifies St. Silvanus Catholic Press's unwavering commitment to nurturing the minds and souls of the faithful, earning it a well-deserved reputation as a premier publisher within the Catholic literary landscape.

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Here are some of our titles: 
A Coming Apocalypse?: The Catholic Bible Has the Answer! 
Kenneth Behr (Author)  
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The return of Jesus is the greatest promise to be fulfilled in the Bible. This book uncovers what many have only understood to be the hidden mysteries of end-time biblical prophecies. It is a definitive and prophetic look at the coming kingdom of Christ, and the fate of all humanity.
While there are many opinions on the topic of the apocalypse, this book doesn’t merely give an opinion. The Bible is the greatest source of information on the end times, which many people call "the apocalypse." The subtitle on this book, "The Catholic Bible Has the Answer," is intentional, as the Bible does in fact have the answer!

The Catholic Church is the largest Christian demographic in the United States. While Protestants presently outnumber Catholics in America, nearly 25% of the population still identifies as Catholic. Here is the bottom line: Most Catholics have never heard a sermon at Mass, attended a lecture, or picked up a book on what the Catholic Bible has to say about the end times. This is unfortunate, and as a result, many are relying on information from other sources. We tend to have a human fascination with the big question, "How's it all going to end?" Nearly every day, it is common to see, read, or hear something in the news or on a social media platform about the "end of the world," the "Apocalypse," or "End Times." This book is a definitive and prophetic look at the coming kingdom of Christ, and the fate of all humanity.

Dr. Kenneth Behr is the host of the "Prophecy Countdown Podcast.’ He is an educator, theologian, pastor, and best-selling author. Having taught biblical prophecy for nearly thirty years, Behr's close study and expertise highlight a method and style that offer clear communication and inspiration. Ken and his wife Carol have been married for over 40 years and have two children and five grandchildren. He has spent the last twenty years in ministry and was ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance after a career in business.

Roaming Catholics: Ending the Wandering to Embrace the Wonder

Kenneth Behr (Author)   

20 ratings

Was Peter the first Pope? Should Christians pray the rosary? Should priests be married?

These are among the provocative topics addressed in Roaming Catholics: Ending the Wandering to Embrace the Wonder!

This thoroughly researched book presents the development of the Catholic Church in an engaging way to help Christians understand their common history shared by all. This history is not only fascinating, but also deeply compelling, revealing how the church has changed, adapted, and grown. Ultimately it reminds us that Christian faith is not grounded in denominations but in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The apostle Paul referred to the church as the “Body of Christ,” not the “Body of Christians.” Rather than Jew and Greek, slave and free, male and female, he proclaimed all are one in Christ.

With this concept of the unity of the Christian Church at its core, this illuminating book by pastor and theologian Kenneth A. Behr takes readers on a fascinating journey through the history of the Catholic Church. It’s a history that is common to all Christians, connecting believers of all shapes and sizes through a shared past.

Did you know that penance was limited to “once in a lifetime” in the early church? Or that people often delayed baptism until their deathbeds? While things have changed, the essential beliefs of the church based on who Jesus Christ is and the centrality of the Bible have remained the foundation.

Sharing his own religious evolution from a Catholic altar boy to an evangelical pastor, Behr engages readers with a parallel story to the evolution of Catholicism. This story of development and change ignites a sense of wonder about the resiliency of doctrines, teachings, and traditions that have remained relevant to generations of Christians for two thousand years.