The Apocalypse and Coming Kingdom (Click here to order)

About the book:

Are we at the "end of days?" Is this the tribulation, and do we even know what the tribulation is all about? Are the horrible things that the Bible associates with the end of days coming upon us? Is there any hope of escape?

While there are many opinions on the topic of the apocalypse, this book doesn’t merely give an opinion. The Bible is the greatest source of information on the end times, which many people call "the apocalypse." The full title of this book includes "the coming kingdom," and there is not only a coming kingdom but a coming King!

The word "apocalypse" may likely be one of the most used and also most misunderstood words in the English language. However, the word apocalypse in Greek and Latin simply means to "uncover" or, better yet, "to reveal."

This book will reveal what many have only understood to be hidden mysteries of the end-time prophecies contained in the Bible. Many people, even those in great churches, have never heard a sermon on the end times. This is unfortunate, as over 25% of the Bible is prophetic, and there are three times more references to Jesus second coming than to His first.

This book is a complete prophetic look at the apocalypse and coming kingdom. The Bible calls this time period prior to the glorious second coming of Jesus Christ the "Day of the Lord," and it is referenced by that term 88 times in scripture. If you are looking for a fascinating read and a full explanation of this coming seven-year period, including the Great Tribulation referenced by Jesus in Matthew 24, this book is the place to start!

About the author:

Dr. Kenneth A. Behr is the founder and president of Faith Dialogue Inc., whose mission is to equip the body of Christ, promote the unity of the church, encourage pastors, and strengthen churches. Pastor Behr is an educator, theologian, pastor, and best-selling author. He is the founder and senior pastor of Celebrate Seniors, a church that embraces the older generation, restores dignity, promotes a healthy spiritual life, provides spiritual growth opportunities, and ministers as well to the families of these senior adults.

He has been the pastor and executive pastor of some of the largest churches in the country and served previously as president of the ECFA, headquartered in Washington, DC. Ken and his wife Carol have been married for over 40 years and have two children and five grandchildren. He has spent the last twenty years in ministry and was ordained by the Evangelical Church Alliance after a career in business.