When December 19, 2018 at 10:00am 30 mins
Contact Ken Behr [email protected] 407 270 3108

Join us for Bible Nuggets!

"Bible Nuggets" is a weekly 30 minute look at the parables of Jesus.    Each week, Pastor Ken or one of the pastors in the Celebration area reviews one of the 46 individual parables of Jesus.    Parables are typically fictional (ask us which ones are not!) stories Jesus told that provide a deeper spiritual insight by comparing to things, often the Kingdom of God to things, places or everyday events.    Jesus often tells the listener to pay close attention to what was just said and may include such words as “He who has ears, let him hear, Most assuredly I say to you,” and “How much more.” 

Jesus spoke in parables so that some would understand, those to whom the Kingdom of God is given, while otherrs would not.