Our Ministries

Senior Ministry - Celebrate Seniors

Celebrate Seniors is a ministry of Faith Dialogue, a 501(c)3 faith-based nonprofit.  It was developed in partnership with the new 239 unit independent, assisted living and memory care facility, Windsor at Celebration.  Celebrate Seniors will be providing a weekly Sunday morning worship service, a midweek Bible Study and Chaplain services to the residents. The ministry model of Celebrate Seniors embraces both cooperation and coordination with area churches. We maintain an active census of adult residents that are members or have a desire to identify with a local area church. 

Celebrate Seniors embraces the older generation, restores dignity, promotes a healthy spiritual life, provides spiritual growth opportunities and ministers as well to the families of these senior adults. 

Celebrate Seniors actively coordinates and cooperates with established area nonprofits and organizations that provide care to area seniors including the churches, hospitals, nursing centers, continuing education and art/cultural advocates

The model for Celebrate Seniors can scale regionally and nationally at other senior facilities.  Independent and assisted living residential facilities throughout the United States are aware of the spiritual needs and benefit of healthy spiritual growth in our senior population. 

Celebrate Seniors coordinates church activities with area churches including Celebration Community Church, Community Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, illuminate church, Celebration Anglican Fellowship and Celebration Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Often area churches often have activities they would like to plan for the residents and that type of spiritual enrichment is welcomed and embraced by Celebrate Seniors and the residential community.   

For more information on Celebrate Seniors click HERE

Church Growth - Kickstart Your Church

Kick Start your Church© is exclusively a Faith Dialogue ministry to encourage, equip and energize  the local church.  

The Barna group estimates that the average Protestant church in America has less than 100 adults in attendance. These churches often need advice and counsel in order to help fulfill their role in the Body of Christ.   The Great Commission of making disciples of Jesus Christ is not just about reaching new people groups internationally or something that growing and sprawling mega churches do, it’s the basic and the essential mission of every local church.

Our KickStart Your Church© ministry is a template that is based on our mission of proclaiming the Essential Gospel as well as implementing the Five Truths that have been proven to be the necessary elements in equipping the local church.  The basis of these truths are found in the Bible and also contemporary research conducted by firms such as LifeWay Research, Auxano, Leadership Network and Faith Dialogue. 

Stewardship - 310 Challenge

Faith Dialogue was instrumental in developing the 310 Challenge  Life.Church, New Spring Church, Christ Fellowship and other large churches have utilized a similar challenge based on the same verse, Malachi 3:10 and have asked their partners to challenge or actually test God for three months and begin to tithe to their local church a full 10% of their income (ie 3-10)

If you are a pastor or a leader in a church and would like to find out how to implement the 310 Challenge in your church, let us know.

Spiritual Care - Chaplain 

Faith Dialogue has had a long history of serving as a Christian Chaplain wherever needed including hospitals, residential facilities and at retreats.  Chaplains care for people of all faiths.  In hospitals and residential facilities, chaplains are highly skilled at working with other therapists as part of a multi-disciplinary team, especially since both mental and physical health is associated with their spiritual life and spiritual care. 

Family Entertainment - N2God

Advanced technology and worldwide evangelism!  Partnering with SuperCloud, Inc, N2God will provide 100% cloud based television programs including not only the best Christian programs available but also all of the major networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and more!  

Book Publishing- Xpyria Press

Publishing has changed more in the 21st century than at any time since Gutenberg.   Xpyria is the publishing arm of Faith Dialogue and has successfully published a number of books.  The steps to publishing include writing, revisions and editing and we can assist in any project

Church History/Unity- Roaming Catholics 

This thoroughly researched book presents the development of the Catholic Church in an engaging way to help Christians understand their common history shared by all. This history is not only fascinating, but also deeply compelling, revealing how the church has changed, adapted, and grown. Ultimately it reminds us that Christian faith is not grounded in denominations, but in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.